Join our Save our Schools campaign

The serious errors made in the list of new school buildings to be cancelled by Michael Gove is disgraceful enough. But the real issue is that the cuts to over 700 new school buildings for communities which were expecting this much-needed investment should not be happening anyway.

These are unfair and unnecessary cuts – they will damage opportunities for children and young people and cost many thousands of jobs in the construction industry just when we should be supporting jobs and growth in the private sector.

That’s why the shadow schools minister Vernon Coaker and I are urging parents, teachers, young people and governors to sign up and join our campaign to ’save our schools’ and join the lobby of Parliament being organised by the NASUWT and other teaching unions on Monday 19 July.

Read more about the lobby of Parliament in this NASUWT press release.

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Posted July 8th, 2010 by Ed

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3 Responses to “Join our Save our Schools campaign”

  1. liz says:

    Some kids are crying because their schools have been cut from the BSF programme. How on earth can Gove justify this?

  2. Gaynor says:

    Fully support you – please join our Facebook group and sign the online petition patents campaign focussing in on Lees Brook School in Derby which is probably one of the most run down schools in England that has had it’s new build scrapped despite having already spent 5 million on plans etc. It’s is really dire – the kids aren’t allowed to open windows because they fall out and the are often sent home when it’s windy because it is deemed dangerous Restart the Lees Brook School Redevelopment Programme

  3. Jayne says:

    The Govt are short-sighted – our school, Lees Brook in Derby , cannot be patched up any more; it needs rebuilding. The tower block moves in the wind, loose windows, asbestos in the walls, rain through the roof; it’s falling apart at the seams ! It is dangerous and our children deserve better – if Mr Gove needs convincing then he can come and take a look. It is outrageous to spend money on new free schools whilst leaving existing schools in these conditions.

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