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School Meals

Michael Gove, the Tory who’s now in charge of our schools, is following in the footsteps of Margaret Thatcher. She famously became known as ‘Thatcher the milk snatcher’ when she took away free school milk in the 1970s. Now in 2010 Michael Gove is about to become the meal snatcher.

Last month he slipped out an announcement that he was going to deny over half a million children from poorer families a free hot lunch at school. Labour’s plan was to make sure 500,000 more children whose parents are on lower incomes would be eligible for a free meal at school - families who currently miss out. It would have lifted thousands of children out of poverty.

And in Bradford, Nottingham, Islington, Cumbria and Medway we were going to test out the benefits of having free school lunches for every child – to see the improvement in children’s health, behaviour and concentration in the classroom.

But now the Tories and Liberals have pulled the plug. And who knows what will be in Mr Gove’s sights next – the free fruit we introduced for infants or the healthier standards for school lunches.

So sign up today to my campaign to defend free school meals from Tory and Liberal cuts – and tell Michael Gove to get his hands off Labour’s free school meals for half a million more kids.

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